Thesis Writers

Thesis writers may elect to schedule appointments with the same consultant for the duration of their senior project. To do so, please visit WCOnline. Each consultant is prepared to serve as an interrogating reader with, but scheduling with the same consultant across multiple appointments offers the benefit of a long-term writing relationship. Writers should expect the first session to serve as an orientation meeting in which writer and consultant agree upon the amount and type of work that the partnership will entail. Both parties should agree upon the frequency of meetings, and may elect to set a schedule for the entire semester (consultants have the ability to make appointments for the entire semester). At this time, you'll discuss department deadlines and the writer's plan for tackling this longer project. Because each academic department has different thesis requirements, including different schedules, it is important for both the consultant and writer to be aware of the context in which the writer must work to complete a successful thesis.

Writing a thesis asks senior writers to take a firm hold on their own expertise. Therefore, consultants generally take on the role of an informed non-specialist in the writer’s area of specialization. This requires the writer to teach his or her thesis, while the writing consultant offers valuable audience-based feedback.