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Writing Consultants work with students on any writing, oral, or digital project from course assignments to extracurricular projects. The focus of a consultation session varies according to the individual writer and project; for example, consultant and writer may discuss strategies for clarifying and developing a thesis, or they might talk about issues regarding organization and word choice. We work with writers at any stage in their writing process, from interpreting assignments to planning and revision. Writing consultations provide students with opportunities for reflecting upon and analyzing the choices they make as writers.

Writing Consultants often refer writers to their professors for further clarification and discussion of an assignment and may even help writers formulate the questions they would like to pose to their professors. Consultants are non-directive, non-evaluative sounding boards. We aim only to encourage writers to reflect on their ideas and expression.

Freshman Writing Seminar Faculty Loungea collaborative repository of field-tested syllabi, writing assignments, in-class activities, instructional handouts, and assessment strategies.

Add a description of the Writing Center to your course syllabus

In addition to meeting with me during office hours to discuss coursework, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Writing Center; getting feedback benefits writers at all skill levels. Writing Center consultants can offer a fresh perspective on any writing project, multimedia project, and oral presentation. They offer one-on-one and small group consultations that address everything from brainstorming and developing ideas to crafting strong sentences and effectively using sources. For more information visit

Invite a Writing Consultant to visit your classroom

Student writers are often intimidated to share their work with others. To help your students feel more at ease about using the Writing Center's resources, you may invite one of our consultants to your class to give a ten-minute presentation. We'll provide all the essential details about the Center (location, hours, policies, and staff) and invite students to ask questions about how we can meet their individual needs. Please email Writing Center Director, Matt Schultz, at least one week in advance.

Consultation Note

If you would like to receive an emailed message confirming your student's consultation session, please ask the student to let us know during the consultation.