Process, Prose, Pedagogy

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Curricular Prerequisite for Writing Center Employment: Next offering, Spirng 2017.
ENGL 214: Process, Prose, and Pedagogy 

Enrollment in this course is by instructor permission only. Please submit your application by the second Wednesday of the Fall Pre-registration period.

Course Description

In "Process, Prose, and Pedagogy," we interrogate writing’s place in the academy, discuss writing process from inception to revision, and share our own writing and writing practices. An intensive reading workshop, discussion group, and strategy session, the course offers an occasion to consider traditional and experimental narratives in order to reflect on and strengthen your own analytical and imaginative writing, and to enhance your ability to talk with others about their writing.

Our texts span the deeply theoretical and insistently imaginative as we consider selections of rhetoric, fiction, and creative non-fiction that foreground their status as written products. Students are asked to offer sustained critical attention to issues of where knowledge resides and how it is shared, to interrogate sources of authority, to explore your own critical perspectives, and to consider the possibilities of collaborative learning.

Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes

Students will…

  • develop as pedagogically- and theoretically-informed writers who can discuss the practice with a variety of writers across disciplines.
  • model the best practices of experienced writers by engaging in a meaningful, social writing process of recursive exploration, composition, and revision.
  • critically examine and employ a range of rhetorical strategies.
  • recognize writing and multimedia design as culturally-situated activities, and promote an understanding of various modes of discourse.

Students must successfully complete all aspects of the course to receive credit and to be eligible to apply for positions as Writing Center consultants.

Writing Center Employment Application Process:

APPLICATION (Due Monday, May 2, 2016)

Consultants are selected on the basis of course performance, writing sample, statement of consulting philosophy, and a formal interview.

The Writing Center employs approximately 20 undergraduate peer consultants. Because we have places for only 4-5 new consultants each year, the application process is extremely competitive. Orientation and training workshops take place in August before the Writing Center opens, and ongoing staff development occurs at the beginning of the spring semester and at monthly staff meetings. Consultants take on a number of responsibilities in addition to their regular consultation hours: many consultants participate in the writing fellows program as a a thesis partner; they also lead Writing Center projects, such as observing and reflecting on consultations, and creating and updating promotional and outreach materials. Consultants typically work ten hours per week. Each consultant is hired for the duration of one semester, and is reviewed at the end of term for subsequent employment. Hiring decisions are made based upon quality of consultations, professionalism (including attendance at staff meetings and regular shifts), and involvement in Writing Center events such as staff development meetings, lectures, workshops, thesis partnerships, and discussion groups.