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Matthew Schultz, Ph.D. (Director) has over a decade of writing consulting and administrative experience. His research on writing center administration and tutoring practices appears in publications such as The Writing Lab Newsletter and Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. Matt's teaching and research interests include Literary Modernism, Irish Studies, Postcolonial Theory, and Media Studies. His book, Haunted Historiographies: The Rhetoric of Ideology in Postcolonial Irish Fiction (2014) is available from Manchester University Press, and his novel, On Coventry (2015), is available from Harvard Square Editions.

Kayla Miron's ’18 (Head Consultant) eleventh grade English teacher once told her that an em-dash is a hipster semi-colon and she credits this moment with her decision to become an English and Educational Studies double major. Kayla loves lists, legal pads, and subverting normative understandings of storytelling. Her campers describe her as “the human embodiment of a pun.” She likes to dance, make art, and win at games of Taboo. She loves asking questions about writing and enjoys your answers even more.

Kat Rooney '18 (Head Consultant) plans to major in English and kick herself for it when she graduates. She likes to run and reads things: books, bottle labels, bathroom signs - you name it. Sings poorly and often, likes to bake, loves a good game of Boggle. Kat also surfs and plays beach volleyball but left California because she likes long showers.

Tatiana Esposito von Mueffling '18

Hanna Ginzburg ‘18 is an Economics major / Math minor but still loyal to the world of writing. She enjoys running and eating and is really bad at social media. She is also a slow reader, but anxious to crawl through your writing.

Connor Martin ‘18 is one of the most obsessive people you’ll ever meet, which has led him to some eclectic pastimes. His preferred hobbies, reef aquarium keeping and bonsai cultivation, aren’t especially dorm-friendly. So Connor is in hot pursuit of more practical, yet enticing endeavors (which would explain the python hatchling in his dorm room—yes, pythons are dorm-friendly!). Although he plans to pursue a Political Science-Mandarin double major, he knows one good professor could steal his heart away to another department.

Becca Slotkin ’18 is a Drama and Psychology double major from the grand ole city of Evanston, IL. When not in class, she writes for H.E.L. sketch comedy, sings with Beauty and the Beats, and takes naps in the Rose Parlor. She is passionate about cute animals, smiley faces, and T-Rex jokes—which she finds a little funnier than perhaps she should. In her rare moment of free time (napping in the Rose Parlor is hard work,) Becca can usually be found lying in her bed, perusing that week’s Deece menu.   

Nick Barone ’19 is an English and History double major from northern New Jersey (some scenes from The Sopranos were filmed in his hometown!). Interests include ginger ale, crossword puzzles, critical theory, and curating Instagram captions. Postgrad, he wishes to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Lily Berman '19 is planning on double majoring in philosophy and drama. She enjoys rehearsing plays in Lathrop basement and cooking food at the VJU. Lily is from NYC.

Violet Cole '19 is a Sociology major and Education correlate from Sebastopol, California. She was named after Violet Beauregarde and, like her namesake, chews a dangerous amount of gum. Violet enjoys doing the Monday crossword while listening to Joanna Newsom, listening to Joanna Newsom while watching Twin Peaks, and watching Twin Peaks while reading Ella Enchanted. She recently experienced sleep paralysis. Violet hopes to learn how to glide through life with ever-increasing serenity.

Miranda Cornell '19 is an Education and Drama double major from Brooklyn, and she lives up to the stereotype (kale is her favorite vegetable and she owns more than five black cardigans). When not in rehearsal (she’s always in rehearsal), she can be found baking bread (baking anything, really), workshopping new tweets that are only funny to her, and fretting. She is an avid fan of parentheses (shocking!), and will take any chance she gets to talk about meta-theater, Shakespeare, and the importance of arts-based education.

Annie Shriver '19 is a prospective English and some-sort-of-brain-science double major from just outside Boston. She loves weird short stories, cool socks, Gravity Falls, and dad jokes. When she's not doing school things or work things, she's probably playing ultimate frisbee or doing some ultimate-frisbee-related activity. She has loved stories for as long as she can remember, and she is so excited to join the Writing Center staff this year!

Emmett Weiss '19 is a prospective Science, Technology, and Society major with an interest in forensic science (and not just because he watches Bones). He loves to write poetry, read political books, play guitar, and speak Chinese. Given the choice, he’d pick rain over shine, Macs over PCs, and tea over coffee.

Anna Wiley '19 is a junior from Sacramento, where she lives with a great cat and a terrible dog. She hopes to someday add a couple alpacas and a horse. Anna is interested in literature and religious studies, and when she isn't reading for one of those subjects, she is usually crocheting and watching Jane the Virgin.

Larissa Archondo '20 is deciding between Political Science, Urban Studies, and English majors based on which department will let them write more academic papers about social media. Although they've lived in NYC for most of their life, they still dream of Brazilian fruit, sunshine, and beaches.  Since taking a hiatus from astrology, Larissa has had more time to make memes, write poetry, sing with the Vastards, drink bubble tea, and dance with their friends.

Andrea Everett '20 says that she is a prospective English major, but her suave and confident façade is due to crumble at any moment. She enjoys reading, watching standup comedy, and making Spotify playlists that her "friends" never listen to. She has a penchant for wordplay and wild gesticulations, and she enjoys wowing her many "friends" with her spectacular puns.

Imaan Lamba '20 is a prospective Psychology major from Mumbai, India who loves to write and is interested in pursuing a Creative Writing correlate. She enjoys trying new foods, reading on the quad in good weather and photographing her dog. Along with the social sciences, her passions include travel and baking. She hopes to one day gather the courage to start a blog, and in the mean time, she can’t wait to read your work!

Helen Magowan '20  is from sunny Boulder, Colorado, and hopes to double major in Film and English with a correlate in Native American Studies. When she's not busy hanging out with Strong House Team (best house team!!), she can be found writing sentimental poetry about growing up. She is one handy dad and also enjoys biking, being in Shakespeare Troupe, and pretending she knows more than she does about music. 

Katerina Pavlidis '20 is a prospective English and Women's Studies double major from Epirus, Greece and the Bay Area, California. Her passions include fruit, dance parties, and reading about women. When she's not reminiscing about her gap year, she enjoys learning romance languages and basking in the sun. 

Dylan Smith '20 is the butt of countless jokes regarding his prospective English Major at Vassar. Hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania (The Electric City!!), Dylan enjoys occasional deep conversations, film analysis, and musing over the sheer immensity of the ocean. He's excited to read your writing while procrastinating his own, though he's known to fall in love with writers of captivating words, so be careful!

Jemison Tipler '20 is a prospective Political Science Major, concentrating in Philosophy and French. She’s an avid reader, daydreamer, and a madly metaphorical Tim Burton-esque writer. Jemison loves playing her piano, hiking, playing tennis, and trying to make cookies but just eating all the cookie dough instead. She collects crystals, aspires to have a collection of cats, and may or may not be privately scheming to utilize both in her scheme to take over the world.