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Where Are We?

All Q-Center tutoring takes place in the Thompson Memorial Library (Main Library). Tutoring happens in three locations: Math and physics are always in the main Q-Center space, while Chemistry and Economics tutoring takes place in Room 88, except Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-7pm in room AL4 (Meeker Room).

The Q-Center is located right behind the Writing Center.

Directions to Room 88

From the library lobby/circulation desk:

  • Turn right at the catwalk
  • Go straight towards the 24-hour section and past Classroom 160
  • Turn left at Stair 7 (between the water fountain and the printers) and go down one floor
  • Room 88 is past the door to your right

Directions to AL4 (Meeker Room):

From the library lobby/circulation desk:

(by stairs)

  • Turn left at the catwalk
  • Go straight past the grandfather clock and up the ramp (courtyard on your right)
  • Go through the door and climb the stairs at the end of that hall (stairs just off to the right, out of view for a second)
  • AL4 is to your immediate left at the top of the stairs

(by elevator)

  • Turn left at the catwalk
  • Turn right at end of stacks before you reach the comfy, round booths
  • Go through door (Q-Center will be on your right) and down the research librarians' hallway
  • Take the Van Ingen elevator at the end of the hall to the 4th floor
  • Turn left from the elevator and go down the short hallway
  • AL4 is diagonally across the room from you