1. Who are the Q-Tutors?

Q-Tutors (Q-Ts) are students who have done well in QA courses and want to help their peers succeed in those courses!  They are trained and motivated to help you work through quantitative materials in a wide range of science and QA courses.

2. What courses do you offer help for?

In principle, we offer some form support for all of the QA courses.  Our Q-Ts offer drop-in support in Chemistry, Math, and Physics, and Econ.  Academic interns also hold office hours in the Q-Center for select courses. We also provide help with EXCEL.

3. What if I have a question about a quantitative concept but I am not currently taking a QA course (i.e. research, data analysis, senior thesis)

Don’t hesitate to drop by the Q-Center!  We are here to encourage quantitative reasoning across disciplines and throughout your time at Vassar.  Just as writing skills have lifetime importance, so do QR skills. 

4. Do I need an appointment?

No appointment necessary!  Just make sure you check the schedules online to see when Q-Ts in your subject area are working.

5. What should I bring to the Q-Center for tutoring?

Students should bring their textbooks, class notes, calculators, and any materials that will help the tutors assist you as best as possible. Tutors may need to refer to texts and notes since they may have had a different instructor or the textbooks may have changed.

6. Where is the Q-Center located and when is it open?

The Q-Center is located in the Main Library, Room 122 adjacent to the Writing Center.  The Q-Center is open Sunday-Thursday from 3-11pm. 

7. Where can I locate the Q-Center schedule to find tutors for each subject?

Schedules are posted on our Facebook page, “Vassar College Q-Center”  You can also drop by the Q-Center to check our schedule.

8. Who exactly is the Q-Center for?

The Q-Center is for ALL students! Q-Tutors are available for extra support in QA classes and they facilitate a low-stress learning environment where all students are free to ask questions! Students also visit the Q-Center to reinforce their knowledge by reviewing materials with a Q-Tutor and/or their peers in the class. COME EARLY, COME OFTEN, COME ALL!

9. How can I get even more information about the Q-Center?

Contact the Director:

Heather Gould, PhD
(845) 437-5215


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