1. Who can use the Writing Center?

Writers of all levels benefit from receiving feedback on their work; all writers are welcome to bring their ideas, writing, and design projects to the Vassar College Writing Center (writers@vassar.edu), located in the LTRC, Thompson Library, room 122.

2. Ideas? Don’t I have to have something written to work with a writing consultant?

Absolutely not! Our consultants support writers at any point in the writing process, from interpreting an assignment to developing an idea and from drafting through revising. Visit the Writing Center to wrestle with complex ideas and to craft clear and cogent prose.

3. That sounds great! Do I need an appointment?

Yes. To make an appointment, please register for an account, or login at mywco.com/vassar

4. How long is a typical consultation?

Usually about 45 minutes to an hour.

5. What if I have a longer project, like an article for PMLA, a book project, or a Senior Thesis?

If you’re working on a longer project we are more than happy to accommodate you during our drop in hours. You may also pair up with a consultant to work with you on your longer project over a number of sessions.

6. Should I bring in a copy of my assignment, a call-for-papers, or a request from my editor?

If you have a prompt of any kind we would prefer for you to bring in a copy so that our consultants can more easily determine their role as respondents to your work.

7. Once I’ve finished my final draft, will you edit my paper for me?

While we cannot edit your paper for you, we can provide you with the tools to locate and correct mechanical and stylistic errors on your own.

8. Who are the Writing Center consultants?

The Vassar College Writing Center employs consultants who have successfully completed the College’s Process, Prose, and Pedagogy course, and who continue to think about composition and rhetoric at monthly staff development workshops.

9. How can I get even more information about the Writing Center?

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