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Matthew Schultz, Ph.D. (Director) has a decade of writing consulting and administrative experience. His research on writing center administration and tutoring practices appears in publications such as The Writing Lab Newsletter and Praxis: A Writing Center Journal. Matt's teaching and research interestes include: Literary Modernism, Irish Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Feminist Theory, Memory Studies, Historiography, and Rhetoric. His book, Haunted Historiographies: The Rhetoric of Ideology in Postcolonial Irish Fiction (2014) is available from Manchester University Press, and his novel, On Coventry (2015), is available from Harvard Squre Editions.

Hoon Hong ’17 is an English major with a voice that is deeper than his love for learning and the Boston Celtics. Hoon has been described as "a chipper skipper," "a big boy bustler," and, on occasions when people ask him what exactly he wants to do post-grad, "a languid lubber." He invites you to crack some jokes with him as he discusses what makes your writing great. As a Head Consultant this year, he'd like to give a special shout out to the incredible ones that've come before him: Maria, Mari, Rob, and Lisa.

Jamie Maher '17 is an aspiring Onion writer/future barista, hails mainly from Seattle. If you can't find her in the library, you aren't looking hard enough. Talk to her about feminist analyses of television (media studies!), the wonders of the sea (phytoplankton!), and adventurous deecing strategies (chile waffles?). She enjoys prose, podcasts, and parentheses (maybe a little too much).

Jackson Dammann '17 is an english major from chappaqua, NY. He is also a member of the vassar men's varsity fencing team and a drummer in two student bands on campus. He loves creative writing, music, and film, and also spends far too much time reading 900 page fantasy novels.

Tati Esposito von Mueffling ’17 is an American Studies major so ask her about buzzwords. She can’t tell if she’s over or under caffeinated but is in hot pursuit of homeostasis. In addition to working in the Writing Center, she co-directs ViCE, edits for Boilerplate Magazine, and has those Chrome tabs open for a reason.

Conor Flanagan '17 is a Political Science major and President of the Vassar Democrats, so you can imagine this year is just going great for him. He further chips away at his sleep schedule by serving as a VSA Senator and as one of the student representatives to the Presidential Search Committee (he’s secretly just looking for all the free meals he can find). In his suddenly nonexistent moments of free time, he enjoys watching bad TV and listening to the kind of music you left behind in middle school.

Liza Garrity '17 is a Mom Friend™ and education major with correlates in Chinese and math (but shhhhh, that one's undeclared) originally from Brooklyn (the dog wedding episode of Broad City was shot in the park right by her house). When she isn't working or scribbling in her planner, she is probably listening to one song on repeat, procrastinating by trying out a new craft, writing in her journal, or daydreaming about living in solitude as a shepherdess/craft beer brewer. Come by if you want to see her extensive pen collection on your writing and/or you want to learn how to knit (and MEAN IT).

Roman Gernat '17 is a biochemistry major and an avid movie watcher. There's not much more to him.

Alexa Jordan ’17 is a native New Yorker pursuing a drama major. (She's also very interested in English and Psychology!) If she isn't reading a novel or play, singing with her a cappella group (Beauty and the Beats!), or working on grad school applications, she can probably be found stalking a broadway star's instagram, reminiscing about her time in London, and generally trying to figure out how to fit more time into the day.

James Pedersen '17 is an English Major with a minor in History. He is American, but grew up in Hong Kong which makes him either cool and international or just totally weird. He enjoys dressing fancy, being funny and leaving no stone unturned.

Heidy Rodriguez ’17 is on the yellow brick road towards an English major with a correlate in Film. If she owned a pair of magic ruby slippers to click and chant along with, she’d wake up in Queens, New York. She likes long walks by the city blocks, but woolgathers about mountain rocks. Sometimes she lets her limbs do the thinking in hopes of a casual adventure. And if her body and mind agree, as they so often do, there’s no place like home with a movie and chips, too.

Lorenzo von Zerneck ’17 is an Illinoisan and a Philosophy major. When he's not driving his 2005 Honda minivan, he's wishing he was. Ask him about Murakami, comedy podcasts, or the Nadal/Djokovic rivalry.

Hanna Ginzburg ‘18 was born sleepless, without a talent for rest or the desire for it. She is an Economics major confounded by/interested in neo-noir movies, international relations, linguistics, food science, and lots of other things. She is also an exceptionally slow reader, but anxious to crawl through your writing.

Connor Martin ‘18 is one of the most obsessive people you’ll ever meet, which has led him to some eclectic pastimes. His preferred hobbies, reef aquarium keeping and bonsai cultivation, aren’t especially dorm-friendly. So Connor is in hot pursuit of more practical, yet enticing endeavors (which would explain the python hatchling in his dorm room—yes, pythons are dorm-friendly!). Although he plans to pursue a Political Science-Mandarin double major, he knows one good professor could steal his heart away to another department.

Kayla Miron ’18 hopes to pursue an English and Education double major but the need for sleep could bump one of the disciplines down to a correlate. When not consulting in the writing center, Kayla can be found dancing with VRDT, tossing discs with the frisbee team, talking about feelings with her fellowees, or naming her plants.

Kat Rooney '18 plans to major in English and kick herself for it when she graduates. She likes to run and reads things: books, bottle labels, bathroom signs - you name it. Sings poorly and often, likes to bake, loves a good game of Boggle. Kat also surfs and plays beach volleyball but left California because she likes long showers.

Becca Slotkin ’18 is a Drama and Psychology double major from the grand ole city of Evanston, IL. When not in class, she writes for H.E.L. sketch comedy, sings with Beauty and the Beats, and takes naps in the Rose Parlor. She is passionate about cute animals, smiley faces, and T-Rex jokes—which she finds a little funnier than perhaps she should. In her rare moment of free time (napping in the Rose Parlor is hard work,) Becca can usually be found lying in her bed, perusing that week’s Deece menu.   

Nick Barone ’19 is a native New Jerseyan pursuing an English major (maybe history too?) and a Hispanic Studies correlate. When he isn’t writing poetry or trying too hard to make people laugh on Twitter, he likes to drink ginger ale and do crossword puzzles. Nick is also the Opinions editor of the Miscellany News and is always trying to recruit new writers.

Lily Berman '19 is planning on double majoring in philosophy and drama. She enjoys rehearsing plays in Lathrop basement and cooking food at the VJU. Lily is from NYC.

Annie Shriver '19 is a prospective English and some-sort-of-brain-science double major from just outside Boston. She loves weird short stories, cool socks, Gravity Falls, and dad jokes. When she's not doing school things or work things, she's probably playing ultimate frisbee or doing some ultimate-frisbee-related activity. She has loved stories for as long as she can remember, and she is so excited to join the Writing Center staff this year!

Emmett Weiss '19 is a prospective Science, Technology, and Society major with an interest in forensic science (and not just because he watches Bones). He loves to write poetry, read political books, play guitar, and speak Chinese. Given the choice, he’d pick rain over shine, Macs over PCs, and tea over coffee.

Katerina Pavlidis '20 is a prospective English and Women's Studies double major from Epirus, Greece and the Bay Area, California. Her passions include fruit, dance parties, and reading about women. When she's not reminiscing about her gap year, she enjoys learning romance languages and basking in the sun.