Faculty Development

For all faculty

The LTRC offers faculty the opportunity to learn from one another, from students, and from the latest pedagogical innovation to hone, improve, and augment their teaching. Through the Faculty Conversations mini-grants, the Faculty Mentor Program, town-hall style discussions, lectures, workshops, and individual consultations with the staff, faculty have access to a range of programs and resources over the course of their academic careers. In addition to Associate Dean of the Faculty, who serves as Director of the Center, two faculty members (the Faculty Director of Teaching Development and the Faculty Director of Research Development) focus on matters ranging from classroom pedagogy to curricular change, and from integrating teaching and research to creating a personally enriching research agenda. The Writing Center Director, the Quantitative Reasoning Center Director, and the Academic Support Specialist are also available for consultation on creating a student-centered curriculum for your courses.

Early Career Faculty 

Each year, the LTRC creates opportunities for faculty who are new to Vassar College or new to teaching to learn from one another and from seasoned professors and students. Beginning with New Faculty Orientation, faculty get to know the Vassar culture through discussion with other faculty members and current students. Faculty Mentors work with tenure-track faculty throughout their careers here, and occasional group meetings afford new teachers a chance to enrich their pedagogies. Our blog also contains information for teachers new to Vassar, including a campus map and map of local resources: http://blogs.vassar.edu/syllabounty

Additional Resources for Faculty

Faculty-to-Faculty Cross Visit Program

The Faculty-to-Faculty Class Visit program enables faculty members to learn from each other through mutual observation. The goal is to gain new ideas, strategies, and techniques for classroom teaching and to share goals and common concerns. This program is formative, not evaluative; it is an avenue for faculty development. It will not be a part of anyone’s review process.

 If you have a colleague whose class you’d like to visit, you can set up a cross-visit independently, drawing on the guidelines and forms below. If, however, you would like assistance in setting up a cross-visit, please contact Bert Lott (jolott@vassar.edu), Associate Dean of the Faculty and Director of the Learning, Teaching, and Research Center

Guidelines and Forms.

Watch Yourself: Record Your Teaching for Personal Review

Seeing yourself teach can lead to greater self-awareness and can also show you classroom dynamics that you might not be able to see in the moment. Faculty interested in having a class recorded should contact the LTRC for assistance in making arrangements at no cost to instructors. The DVD can be sent to you for individual viewing in your home or office, or you can opt to watch it with someone from the LTRC in order to discuss classroom dynamics, teaching techniques, and speaking style. Contact Bert Lott (jolott@vassar.edu) to arrange a recording session and/or a consultation session post-recording.